February 25, 2024

The Land Transportation Office-Cordillera released an initial of 8,000 plates for motorcycles on Nov. 25.

LTO-Cordillera Director Francis Rae Almora said the enhanced plates are compliant with the requirement of Republic Act 1125 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, which prescribes a size and distinct feature for the protection of the motorcycle.

“The plate is readable from 15 meters away and is color-coded depending on the region where it is registered,” he said.

Almora said the plate has a quick response (QR) code readable to all QR scanners. It bears the model, type, and make of the motorcycle. It also has security features on its face and back to make it difficult to illegally copy.

It is composed of three numbers followed by three letters.

“The agency is not yet releasing specialized and personalized plates for motorcycles and there is only one color per region regardless if it’s for public, private or government use,” Almora said.

He said the new plates were distributed to the dealers and to owners whose motorcycles were registered in 2018.

“The printing and production of the plates will continue to cover those registered,” he said.

The LTO-Cordillera official said based on the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law, all motorcycles will have to use the new safety compliant plates.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) stickers, which will also be attached to the motorcycle, were also distributed.

The RFID allows traffic enforcers to know who the registered owner is, which is important when the full implementation of the law starts where a motorcycle can only be used by its owner or by a person who is given authority to use it. – PNA