June 20, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has ordered the conduct of voluntary emission testing of private and public utility vehicles in the city by the Roadside Inspection Testing and Monitoring Team (RITMT) through the Clean Air Monitoring Committee.

As per Executive Order 70 s. 2021, the mayor said the tests will be done during regular working days for P100 to be paid at the City Treasurer’s Office.

“Voluntary emission testing shall be allowed two consecutive times. Should the vehicle fail on the second emission test, the voluntary testing fee of P100 shall be charged again to cover operational expenses such as thermal paper and the like,” the order stated.

A Voluntary Vehicle Emission Certificate (Volvec) will be issued to vehicles that passed the vehicle emission standards which will be valid for two months.

The Volvec can be presented if the vehicle is flagged down for suspected smoke emission by the RITMT and but will not mean exemption from roadside emission testing.

“If the vehicle did not pass the vehicle emission standards, the Volvec shall be cancelled to serve as a warning to the owner/driver.  Items such as vehicle plate or driver’s license will not be confiscated,” the order said.

 “The vehicle driver who received a warning shall have seven days to repair, tune-up, or undertake preventive maintenance to comply with vehicle emission standards.  Traffic citation tickets shall be issued for vehicles that have been found to have failed during roadside testing operations,” the order added.

“A Volvec shall be automatically revoked for any of the following causes: When a Volvec is used for the vehicle for which it was originally issued; when the emission value of the motor vehicle exceeds vehicle emission standards as prescribed in Ordinance 18 s. 2016; or when a Volvec has been defaced, altered, falsified, or tampered with.” – Aileen  P.   Refuerzo