April 21, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong on Oct. 15 issued a stern warning to persons or groups using his name to either gain privileges or skirt penalties: “Stop or I’ll have you arrested.”
The mayor said he has been receiving reports that some people using his name or flaunting their alleged connection to him to avoid paying penalties for illegal parking and other similar incidents.
“Reports reaching my office showed that some people use my name to gain either privileges on amenities or exemptions from penalties. This is to give notice that I am not giving any favor to anyone, not even my relatives and friends to be given any privilege especially immunity from the law on my account,” the mayor said.
“In view of this, I am asking the Baguio City Police Office to arrest anyone who will use my name in any transaction,” he added.
Similar reports of unidentified persons conning restaurants and other establishments into delivering food and goods also on account of the mayor have earlier circulated.
The said individuals were so enterprising that they went to the extent of impersonating the mayor while calling restaurants, bars and other establishments and placing orders of food, liquor and others goods.
This prompted the mayor to issue a warning and advice to the businessmen to be wary and vigilant of said persons. – Aileen P. Refuerzo