June 17, 2024

LAGAYAN, Abra – The management plan for a newly discovered cave at Barangay of Pang-ot in this municipality is being prepared prior to its opening to the public.

Kailangan na naming tapusin ang management plan nito bago natin i-open for public. For sure, this is really a potential tourist spot in the months to come,” Lagayan Information Officer Joe Ervick Biyang said.

The Pang-ot cave is classified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as Class 3, which based on the cave classification of the DENR, is categorized as generally safe for inexperienced visitors, caves with no known threatened species, archeological, geological, natural history, cultural and historical values.

Class 3 caves may also be used for economic purposes such as guano extraction and edible bird’s nest collection.

Lagayan Tourism Officer Michelle Bersamira said the recently discovered cave is a naturally formed tunnel-like cave with entry and exit point stretching for more than 150 meters long.

Dito sa Barangay Pang-ot, we discovered a cave, which is 50 meters high ang loob. We have been there with the DENR for the assessment,” she said.   

Bersamina said the LGU is ensuring the conservation and protection of the cave.

The local government unit has already alerted the barangay officials to prohibit the hunting of bats and other living species inside cave. 

It also tasked the barangay to heighten its watch against vandalism on the cave’s premises. – Christian Allister Tubadeza