December 8, 2023

May 13 is the anniversary of Mary’s apparition at Fatima where she commanded the three children to announce to the world the importance and power of the Holy Rosary, to pray for the conversion of Russia, for the conversion of sinners, and for the forgiveness of sins.
I trust that through praying the Holy Rosary, Mama Mary will intercede for us for healing and the restoration of peace, especially peace with the Lord. Let us be reminded of Mary’s line, “Do whatever he tells you.” Let us listen to Jesus and do what he commands us to do.
The gospel of John 2:1-11 narrates the first miracle of Jesus. The miracle of Jesus happened during a wedding feast in Cana. Mother Mary intervened for the couple because of love. Mary saw the situation of the wedding and the possible shame the wine shortage can cause the couple. Mary sought the help of her son but Jesus responded honestly, “It’s not yet my time.” Mary trusted her son for intervention so she instructed the people, “Do whatever he tells you.” Jesus has instructed them to fill the jars with water and he changed them into best wines.
Mary is not a god, but she is the mother of Jesus. This is a mystery of faith. Since it is a mystery, I think we don’t need further explanations because our faith suffices. Honoring Mary is not worshipping her but expressing our gratitude and joy for her role in the history of salvation.
I will not be ashamed even if they will criticize and mock me for honoring Mama Mary and for praying the Holy Rosary. It is my spiritual way of life.
I was not a Marian devotee when I was a high school boy but I prayed the Holy Rosary with my family and in the school in May and October.
I became a devotee when I experienced the intervention of Mama Mary. There are many significant testimonies but I will share a few.
On Feb. 8, 2004, Mama Mary showed her power in Bauko, Mountain Province. The Patronal Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, Bauko, Mountain Province is Feb. 11 but fell on a weekday that time so it was moved to a Sunday so more people could participate.
Mama Mary prevented a tragedy from happening that could have devastated lives.
An errand truck was heading down the church grounds to bring pots of cooked rice. The descending truck lost its brake. I was at the rectory looking at the speeding truck and the huge crowd at the church grounds. I shouted for the people to disperse but my voice was overcome by the loud program. So I just closed my eyes with helplessness. I expected a disaster.
But the driver was able to manage the steering wheel and the people were able to avoid the speeding truck that could have smashed onto them. The old folks had one common sentiment, “Mama Mary intervened.”
Aug. 19, 2008 was another memorable Marian testimony. Bruno Huebscher borrowed my pickup to attend the Patronal Feast of Our Lady of Assumption in Sadanga, Mountain Province. He was with his family and my nieces. Just after Bontoc, he miscalculated a one-lane road and half of the car started to fall. A little movement by those inside the car could have caused the car to fall into the river. That was another miracle that we owed to Mama Mary. Nobody inside the car was hurt. The car did not fall. Responders, including the crane, pulled the car.
I was driving alone from Baguio on a foggy evening of March 25, 2019 and tried to reach Kilong, Sagada. I was heading down from Sabangan and I dozed off. I was surprised to find myself at Nacagang, Sabangan. I was shocked and realized that a single second could have brought me down the ravine. I owed that miraculous safety and protection to Mama Mary. I am not boasting. I am giving a testimony that praying the Holy Rosary while traveling or driving ensures our protection from the Mother of Jesus.
So instead of criticizing us for honoring Mama Mary and mocking us for praying the Holy Rosary, try it and you will experience the Marian Miracle of your life.
Let us pray Holy Rosary regularly. Mama Mary will surely intervene for us to end the pandemic. Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for us and help us end the pandemic. Reach me at [email protected]m or at 0905-165-3669.