June 24, 2024

Happy 113th Baguio Day!

Congratulations to the people of Baguio for being the driving force behind all of our city’s economic, social, and cultural success. Baguio is what it is now, because of each and every one of you.

As the country continues to fight its way towards the endemic, let us not shy away from living and from rejoicing our triumphs throughout the past three years. Let us honor those we’ve lost, and learn from all our experiences, but let us also be hopeful and excited for all that is yet to come. Face masks may still cover our smiles, but today, let us proudly celebrate our home.

May we always be reminded that every inch of Baguio is simply worth celebrating. Baguio is a sanctuary where the brilliance of our indigenous culture shines, it is a bastion of Filipino bravery and patriotism, a haven for creatives and investors alike, a melting pot of gastronomical delights, a city where traditions and modernity intertwine, and a Summer Capital that is beloved by travelers all year-long. For more than a century, Baguio has been celebrated for all these and so much more, and Baguio will continue to inspire, evolve, and progress for the next century and beyond.

This is also the first celebration of Baguio Day under our city’s new Charter. As we face a new tomorrow under a charter that recognizes our present needs and allows us to reach our future goals, let us continue to work together and contribute to the achievement of our Sustainable Development Goals. Let us remain vigilant in our efforts towards fortifying our public health system and the education sector. Let us foster a culture of innovation and creativity in the midst of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let us be united in our vision for a more progressive Baguio, so that our collective actions, as one family, could lift us towards greater heights.

As we celebrate our 113th year of constitution, let us work hand in hand in future-proofing every corner of our city. Let us welcome this fresh new chapter in our history with boldness, creativity, innovation, and passion. May we also never forget to honor the traditions, values, and principles which make us who we are as a people. May this year’s celebration of Baguio Day remind us all of the pride and joy in being a member of this extended family; and may it inspire us to step up and do our part in the service of Baguio and its people.

God bless Baguio. God bless us all.

Mark O. Go

Representative, Lone District of Baguio