June 20, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong called on residents in some barangays in the city to espouse more discipline in managing their septage and liquid and solid wastes even as he sought continued monitoring and reporting of illegal acts of indiscriminate throwing of wastes and discharging of septic tank contents directly into the creeks and rivers.

He said despite the city’s efforts to stop the repulsive practice and instill discipline, some people persist with their deed unmindful of its consequence to the environment and public health. 

Konting ulan lang, bumabaho na ang mga ilog kasi andyan sila na bukas agad ng mga septic tank,” the mayor said.  

He said the lack of discipline among some people in the way they handle their wastes including their excrement is disheartening. 

“It only proves that behavior is the ultimate stumbling block in achieving our aim to clean our rivers and our surroundings. There is really no short-term solution to this problem,” the mayor said.

He said this is also evident in the cleanup drives conducted in the barangays which he said remain wanting in terms of people involvement.

“They see their barangay officials, city employees, policemen and volunteers doing the cleanup in their barangays but they won’t lift a finger and would just watch.  It is just sad,” he lamented.

The mayor commended barangays and residents who have been religiously doing their part for the revitalized Clean and Orderly Baguio campaign.

“Just continue making cleanliness a habit and showing determination to tidy up. We continue to hope that our efforts will create a snowball effect as it will influence more residents and other stakeholders to do their share,” he said.

He again warned those who continue to defy cleanliness rules of their culpability for violation of the city’s Environment Code, Republic Act 8749 or the Clean Air Act, and RA 9275 or the Philippine Water. – Aileen P. Refuerzo