February 28, 2024

The city government will open more doors to enable the youth to participate in decision-making processes on the city’s strategic programs. 

Mayor Benjamin Magalong directed the inclusion of youth representatives in the membership of the various city boards, committees, and other bodies to give the sector the opportunity to take part in deliberations and give suggestions on the programs, projects, and activities of the city. 

Among the bodies being considered are the city school board, solid waste management and health boards, and information and communication technology council. 

“We have to give our youths all the opportunities to get involved in the decision-making on matters affecting our city,” the mayor said. 

He said the youth of today are more innovative and connected with information because of modern technology. 

“They have the power to bring fresh ideas to the table and to challenge the status quo when it no longer serves the greater good,” he said. 

The mayor said the youths have to imbibe the development goals that the city is now pursuing including sustainability, innovation and resiliency. 

“There is no better time than now to give them leadership responsibilities.  Our youths should no longer be regarded as future leaders because they can be capable leaders now,” the mayor said. 

“This is why every chance we get to include and involve them, to engage and interact with them and to support them, we do so without any hesitation,” he added.

The mayor said the youths need to build their knowledge and capabilities in government work both executive and legislative functions as well as conflict resolutions and other aspects of governance. 

More importantly, good leadership values especially integrity and accountability need to be ingrained in them to really become good stewards of the nation. – Aileen P. Refuerzo