June 21, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong signed the executive budget for 2020 on Oct. 10 pegged at P2,230,000,000.

The proposed financial plan will be submitted to the city council for deliberation and approval.

In his budget message to the city council, the mayor said the proposed budget “embodies the strategic priority projects, programs and activities of the city that is anchored on the 15 core agenda of his administration: (Speeding up government actions; revitalizing the environment; innovating peace and order; aggressive traffic management; responsive education programs; empowering the youth; expanding health and social services; responsible tourism; enlivened culture, arts, crafts, and heritage; market modernization; efficient disaster management; empowered and accountable barangay governance; strengthened livelihood and entrepreneurial services; poverty reduction; and resolution of indigenous people land issues).”

The expenditure program is broken down as follows:

Personal services – P820,826,000 or 36.81 percent of the total; Maintenance and other operating expenses – P745,666,000 or 33.44 percent;  capital outlay – P262,008,000 or 11.75 percent and development fund P300 million or 13.45 percent; and five percent City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund – P101,500,000 or 4.55 percent.

The budget estimate is also categorized into sectors defined under the Local Government Code as follows:  General services – P955,953,000 or 42.87 percent; economic services – P484,293,000 or 21.72 percent; social services – P388,254,000 or 17.41 percent; and other services – P401,500,000or 18 percent.

The sources of income will come from the following: beginning balance – P200M or 8.97 percent; local or internal sources – P864,062,938 or 38.75 percent broken down as follows: tax revenue – P518,212,938 or 23.24 percent and non-tax revenue – P345,850,000 or 15.51; and external sources – P1,165,937,062.00 or 52.28 percent broken down as follows: share from Internal Revenue Allotment – P941,937,062 or 42.24 percent, share from economic zones – P220M or 9.87 percent and share from Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office– P4M or 0.18 percent.

“With our vision of a better Baguio, I humbly present this proposed executive budget, the first under my administration for consideration of the august body. May we continue to work together to attain our unified dreams contained in our executive-legislative agenda through this proposed budget,” the mayor said.– Aileen P. Refuerzo