June 24, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong suspended the construction project of Gold Faith Construction Inc. at Kitma, Bakakeng Central after four of its workers have been caught violating the liquor ban.
“We will not tolerate the irresponsible behavior of drunk people. We are suspending the operation of the contractor,” the mayor said.
At around 10 p.m. last Aug. 29, police arrested Oscar Labadan, 44; Lugie Basada, 34; Hector Bale, 38; and Jay Basada, 22, construction workers of the Laguna-based construction company for violating the liquor ban.
A couple of hours before the incident, the mayor announced plans to lift the liquor ban beginning Sept. 1.
Magalong said the incident should serve as stern warning to the people to be responsible amid the plan to ease up restrictions on liquor sale and consumption beginning Sept. 1. – Jessa Mardy Samidan