May 25, 2024
FLASHFLOOD AFTERMATH — Here’s a scene of the parked  vehicles that were submerged near the main drainage of the City Camp lagoon due to flashflood following a sudden heavy downpour on March 27. Improper waste disposal caused the drainage to clog, as the city mayor also called for an investigation why vehicles were parked along the waterway. — Art Tibaldo

Indiscriminate disposal of wastes can lead to serious consequences like flooding and people have to level up their thinking and their ways in handling their refuse at all times to prevent causing harm to other people and the environment.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the flooding at the City Camp lagoon last March 27 where sudden heavy downpour caused flashflood at the basin after inlet screens were clogged due to wastes carried by rainwater should serve as a “compelling lesson on the importance of proper trash disposal.”

The unexpected strong rains caused inundation, catching people by surprise including owners of some 15 vehicles parked along the area leading to the tunnel which got submerged in floodwaters.

The mayor immediately called for an investigation as to why these vehicles were allowed to park along the waterway.

The water subsided soon after clearing operations were undertaken by the City Engineering Office, Baguio City Police Office, barangay officials, and constituents and volunteers.

The mayor said the city government has time and again reminded that improperly discarded waste can clog drainage and exacerbate flooding and environmental hazards.

“To prevent such issues, we again remind residents and tourists to dispose of trash responsibly by using designated bins and avoiding littering in streets, gutters and waterways. Additionally, ensuring that waste is properly bagged and securely tied helps prevent debris from entering the drainage systems,” the mayor said.

“By working together to maintain clean and clear drainage systems, we can mitigate the risk of flooding that endangers lives and properties and further protecting our environment,” he said.

General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan said barangays have always been reminded of the waste management protocol during typhoons or rainy days.

In anticipation of the typhoons or heavy rains, barangay heads should advise residents not to bring out their garbage and instead keep them properly wrapped and stored within their premises to avoid being scattered or carried by floodwaters into the streets and waterways.

Buyucan said the garbage will be picked up as soon as the weather condition improves and immediate coordination will be made with the barangay officials before the pick-up schedule.

He said garbage collection during bad weather is suspended for the protection of garbage collectors and waste pickers.

He said this usually results in backlogs in the collection but they immediately work them out as soon as they can.

Buyucan appealed for cooperation from residents in practicing proper waste disposal and segregation and in following the schedule of bringing out of their garbage as well as the protocol during inclement weather.

“Let’s do our part and not leave all the work to our garbage collectors. They are working hard but it would not be enough if we ourselves are not cooperating. Our garbage collectors deserve some dignity and they need our help,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo