February 23, 2024

The National Economic and Development Authority recently held a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) network forum where it highlighted the important role of the community and civil society organizations in ensuring transparency and accountability in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of government programs and projects.

The NEDA forum was held at Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio City on Nov. 10 and was attended by monitoring and evaluation practitioners from national government agencies, state universities and colleges, civil society organizations and local government units from regions 1, 2, 3, and the Cordillera.

NEDA Asec. Greg Pineda underscored the importance of effective and collaborative monitoring and evaluation in ensuring transparency and accountability in the delivery of government programs and projects.

“We recognize that monitoring and evaluation are essential in assessing the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of our development initiatives and in making informed decisions to ensure transparency and accountability of the services we deliver to our stakeholders and the people we serve,” Pineda said.

In the forum, Department of Agriculture-Cordillera Project Evaluation Officer IV Charles Picpican affirmed the important role played by Barangay Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Teams (BPMETs) for the successful implementation of the Cordillera Highland Agriculture Resource Management Project 2 (Charmp2) in the region.

The DA-Cordillera implemented the Charmp2 in 170 highland barangays in the six provinces of Cordillera. The project involved land titling, community watershed conservation, forest management, agro-forestry, livelihood development and rural infrastructure development.

Picpican said they have engaged 927 people’s organization for the project, involved indigenous people’s participation, and adopted indigenous knowledge, systems and practices.

He said the BPMETs and the IPs were proud to be part of the successful implementation of the project.

“The community involvement makes them proud to be part of a legacy of providing a better future,” he said.

Regional Development Council Private Sector Representative Arnel Cabanisas, the chief executive officer of Philippine-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon, Inc. also affirmed the strong support of CSOs in the project monitoring and evaluation efforts in Cordillera.

NEDA Usec. Carlos Bernardo Abad Santos, in his keynote message, expressed their gratitude to the forum participants for their commitment to push for a more vibrant M&E culture in the country which generally gears towards bringing in socio-economic development in every Filipino community.

“Monitoring and evaluation play a crucial role in development management. Evidence-based monitoring and evaluation provide a solid foundation for making informed decisions regarding effective policies, programs and projects implemented by the government. This approach aims to achieve desired development outcomes, including economic and social transformation,” Abad Santos said.

The NEDA is conducting a series of forums that brings together major island groups to enhance the regional M&E network capabilities and to facilitate the alignment of M&E efforts at both the  national and regional levels. – Carlito Dar