February 22, 2024

The city council committee on laws will set a meeting and prepare a memorandum of agreement outlining guidelines on the entry of civilians into Barangay Camp Allen following complaints that even those with private properties who are passing through the military camp are being restricted.
Drafting of a MOA is the result of the Feb. 21 initial meeting at the city council between the barangay officials and officers of Philippine Military Academy where the former complained about the strict protocols on the entry of civilian residents despite the agreement in April 2021 brokered by Mayor Benjamin Magalong that military protocols should not be applied to the civilian residents.
Committee chair Betty Lourdes Tabanda herself experienced the stringent protocols being implemented by the guards at Camp Allen despite explaining that she was a government official on her way to the barangay hall for an official function. She said the guards on duty did not yield so she had to walk going to the barangay hall.
In the agreement that the mayor facilitated, vehicles may only be allowed to enter if issued with decal. The policy applies to residents, informal settlers, military personnel, their families, and their dependents.
For those without or those taking a taxi, they have to walk to their destination. Exempted from the policy are the pregnant, persons with disability, senior citizens, during emergency cases, and vehicles of utility companies.
The entry policy applies to the other military camps in Baguio – Navy Base and Fort del Pilar-PMA said Lt/Col. Maria Elena Esteban, representative of the PMA during the council meeting.
Tabanda and Councilor Levy Lloyd Orcales said military protocols should not apply to residents who are staying at the “kutsilyo” area or the Upper Market Subdivision which has a separate title but can only be accessed by entering Camp Allen.
“What right do you have when some have titled properties at Upper Market Subdivision and their only access is to pass through Camp Allen? You are restricting the entry of private property owners,” Tabanda said as she pointed out Camp Allen has to be treated differently from PMA and Navy Base, as these are purely military reservations.
Councilor Francisco Roberto Ortega VI also suggested for PMA to change guards deployed at Camp Allen for improper decorum.
Esteban said they are not privy to the incident that happened to Tabanda but she assured that they will reorient the guards about decorum and entry guidelines. – Rimaliza A. Opiña