June 22, 2024

The Baguio City Public Library will soon open daily for 14 hours with improved facilities, better services, refreshments, and a mobile charging station.
The city library will be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., as per the goal of the city government to modernize it and expand the services, which it will realize through Ordinance 06-2021 that was approved by the city council on the third and final reading on Feb. 1.
Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan and Councilors Levy Lloyd Orcales and Vladimir Cayabas deemed the development of the city library, particularly its physical structure and services, claiming these areas are in need of improvement or upgrade to conform to existing standards.
According to the ordinance, a dry run will be conducted for one month after the approval of the ordinance for the implementation of the extended library hours. The city librarian will then submit a report to the mayor’s office after the one-month dry run.
With the expanded hours, the city library will lease a portion of the building for the putting up of a concession for coffee, food, and charging station that will allow the readers to remain in the premises while doing extensive work and research-related activities.
Aside from the station, the city library will also provide book binding, photocopying, and printing services to increase the availability of references to the readers.
All income derived from these services will be deposited to a special trust fund.
The city librarian is tasked to prepare the implementing rules and regulation of the ordinance within 60 days from its approval.
The proponents cited a study made through a public survey conducted by the city library with 1,094 respondents. The study recommended the expansion of the library’s service hours to encourage more people to use it. The study also recommended the relocation and overall improvement of the public library in all aspects to meet the needs of its users.
The proponents stressed the significance of optimizing literacy by upgrading all services provided by the government.
They said the public library, being a place that seeks the enhancement of people’s passion for books, is a provider of knowledge and a cultivator of culture, arts, and education.
They also stressed the need to upgrade the services provided by the public library to cater to the growing number of students coming to study in the city, which is recognized as the educational center of the North.
The ordinance also recognized the vital role of knowledge and information in nation-building by providing up-to-date books and other resources which are accessible to the public when needed and by creating an adaptive convenient operational atmosphere that is crucial in enhancing students’ scholastic performance.
Under the ordinance, a City Library Board will be created pursuant to Republic Act 7743, Article 10, Section 13 of its Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR). The board will serve as an advisory and policy-making body addressing matters involving programs, projects, and activities of the City Library.
Through the ordinance, the city government will pursue the maintenance and improvement of the discussion rooms, audio visual room, its connectivity/network, security measures, library sections, online data sources, the Online Public Access Catalog, conference hall, exhibit and display area, and Internet room.
The proponents also envision expanded library services and programs that will give visitors an enhanced experience, thus enticing more people to become regular library users.
The library will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. except on holidays and special non-working days. – Jordan G. Habbiling