March 4, 2024

No less than Mayor Benjamin Magalong is now taking photos of ongoing building constructions chanced upon his rounds in the city.

The photos are being forwarded to the City Building and Architecture Office (CBAO) for inspection and verification if owners have acquired the mandatory building permit prior to construction works.

An ongoing demolition with construction of a commercial building along Marcos Highway in Bakakeng Central was inspected recently with the structure measuring approximately 200 square meters footprint.

The CBAO inspection revealed ongoing activities include demolition of second floor slab and beams and cutting and fabrication of reinforced steel bar but with insufficient safety measures.

CBAO Architect Homer Soriano said there was no building permit, thus the workers were directed to cease and desist from further demolition/construction activities. First notice of violation (NOV) was likewise issued.

In City Camp, the mayor received numerous complaints from a concerned citizen regarding a building construction with cement mixing being done on the road by workers without safety gears.

The complainant claimed that building constructions without building permit is unfair to those who painstakingly comply with the mandatory building permit requirement.

Soriano said the city will file a criminal case against the building owner for disregarding three NOVs issued to him.

“Let us expedite the demolition process. Sobrang pambabastos na ‘yan sa LGU,” the mayor said.

Five ongoing constructions near the area were also investigated and issued NOVs for lack of building permit.

The mayor also reported ongoing constructions sighted from Pyramid Cemetery at Upper Atok Trail.   

Another building seen from the Cordillera Convention Center of the Baguio Country Club was also requested for inspection of a building permit along with another structure in Asin barangay.

In Outlook Drive, an unfinished three-story residential structure with three basement was issued NOV for lack of building permit.

Two unpermitted constructions at Quezon Hill Proper as reported to CBAO were also investigated along with one permitted construction near a pumping station of the Baguio Water District.

The city government has given an ultimatum to building owners to start processing their building permits before the CBAO issues NOVs. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan