April 16, 2024

WITH VIVIDNESS, I still remember the wordings of a song, and they go:
“I HEAR THE sounds, of distant drums.. Far away.. far away..” and so on. Now – or this ‘early’, you and I already hear those sounds.. drawing closer and closer. The sounds of
LOCAL POLITICS. AND this time, we go real ‘local’ – if possible, those newsbits – Sambabassit ja Xamag, yet little-known (or even yet-unheard of) in the National arena.
[LET THE ‘BIGGER’ news be handled yet by wider-exposed writers and analysts. Let’s meanwhile dwell on our immediate political vicinities, for: specific, unique, and idiosyncratic analyses and purposes].
IN ITOGON, WE hear ‘more than five’ (or much more?) aspirants for Mayorship: young and old; veteran-candidates and new ones; ‘native’ or ‘transiented’ residents.
I WAS PART of the Audience when, in two separate occasions, two of them declared yes, they will be filing – come that day designated.
IN THE PROVINCIAL (Benguet) Level, a similar scenario obtains: the sounding (or re-sounding) aspirants just come a-manifesting – no age, nor experience, nor seniority-in-service ‘barriers’ emphasized. It’s like a: “come-on, come-on join!” Invitation, open to all.
OF CURRENT TALK and discussion among leaders and citizens in said Benguet Province are the surfacing, matunog, filers-to-be, for Governor:
ONE, A FORMER Vice-Governor; another one, a former Board Member; still another, a son ‘prodigal’ to Benguet – coming ‘back’, after years of staying in Public Service in another location; plus the incumbent – you gor four(!) contenders to that coveted position of Provincial Governor!
WILL THEY BE only this number? Or will they trim down to three or two? Or, will others still join.. later?
THERE IS NO telling yet; but sooner than we think, Filing Day shall be there. Meanwhile again,
THE CAMPAIGN ‘FEVER’ is felt here and there; and nobody is saying: ‘indeed, it is’. The ‘blues’ are there too! [What ‘blues’?]. The examples:
PAST POLITICAL ISSUES (or feuds?); incidences of ‘maneuverings’ e.g. turncoatism and junking; and yes, most importantly for many: ethnolinguistic divisions – to state directly – of same tribe, group, or ‘sub-tribe’, shall vote and support their fellows – or gait aspirants!
TRULY VERY FEW can overcome this ‘blue’ political ‘perennial’. You’ll not be surprised therefore that this comes in primary-at-hand as the most unique criterion, even beyond Benguet.

AND THEN, THE Covid Scare outside Baguio City. Have you observed:
WHILE ALMOST EVERYBODY in Baguio – residents or non-residents, regularly or religiously use Face mask and the Face shield, travel out from the city some 15 (or less) kilometers, and you’ll see them – all ages: no Face masks even!
YOU MOVE AROUND, and you’ll see some people with no Physical Distancing at all! You’ll want to remind them of the ‘Protocols’; but how could you – if you are the only one visibly – with a Face mask and a Face shield.. on the spot?

ANENT OUR EARLIER article on the Bahdiw and the Mabahdiw, a texter-reader asked: “What’s the meaning of what is sometimes heard in Bahdiw circles, that one’s Bahdiw is naagishan, and another’s Bahdiw is Obas? [Our answer]:
NAAGISHAN, MEANING “REFINED, ideas well-poised, and pleasantly acceptable, or thereabouts.”
OBAS, MEANING “TOPSY-turvily presented, dull, listless, adapted [but inadeptly] from original versions; or to those tunes of description.
ACTUALLY, THERE IS a third tune you may hear: singen Bahdiw ni shiyos (Transl: “like a Bahdiw from the gods”. N.B. shiyos may refer to any of the gods – Gatan, god of hunters; Bangan, god of swines; Maudi, god of war; et cetera; Lord God, is Apo Shiyos.
BUT WHEN THEY say this singen.., it is in the context of a metaphor, a Figure of Speech; although literally, they want to credit the chanteur that his piece was “indeed superbly touching and correct; or unblemishedly excellent!” Ayuhh kha!