May 23, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the city government is expecting the El Niño to extend until June and is preparing for the worst as he disclosed water pressure in the Summer Capital is decreasing.

According to the Pagasa, El Niño increases the likelihood of below-normal rainfall conditions, which could bring negative impacts (such as dry spells and droughts) in some parts of the country.

During flag-raising rites at City Hall, March 4, Magalong urged the public to practice water conservation in their homes as city officials collaborate with Baguio Water District representatives on an almost weekly basis to formulate additional water conservation measures.

He said the city government is considering requesting local car wash establishments to use only the right amount of water to clean vehicles including those with gardens to do the same when watering their plants to prevent wastage of the precious resource.

Magalong added the city government is waiting to be deputized by the National Water Resources Board so it can implement the closure of illegal deepwells that cause the over extraction of groundwater especially at the city’s watersheds.

During recent visits to the Buyog and Busol watersheds, the mayor observed trees in the areas seemed to have lost their vitality and when he consulted with an urban forestry expert on the matter, the latter confirmed the over extraction of groundwater contributes to the problem. – Gaby B. Keith