June 20, 2024
MR. ISLAND TOURISM BETS — Delefher Comising of Itogon, Benguet and Kyle Kimayong of Baguio City are the representatives of the Cordillera to the Mister Island Tourism 2023 pageant set to be held in Cebu City in April. — Bianca Grace Contreras

Two young hopefuls from the Cordillera representing Itogon, Benguet and Baguio City will vie for the Mister Island Tourism 2023 title set in Cebu City this April.
Mister Island Tourism features men who advocate and promote tourism, environmental sustainability, and conservation in the local and national scale. 
With the Cordillera well-known for its lush mountains, pine forests, flora and fauna; it is no wonder that the youth today are supporters of preserving this beauty that brings about tourism as well as livelihood.
As such, the Cordillera have produced two young men who aim to reign as Mister Island Tourism 2023 and bring about a new generation of eloquently sound youth who will carry on in protecting and promoting the preservation of the environment. 
Delefher Comising will represent Itogon known for its mining sites and mountain ranges fit for hiking and trail walking.
Comising is a firm advocate for supporting small communities and businesses in rural areas. He aims to promote tourism in ways that open opportunities for the youth and ensure support for communities that need it the most.
Alongside his organization called “Circle of Hope”, he aspires to “widen his radius” so he can provide assistance to children not just in his locality but around the country as well. 
Kyle Kimayong of Baguio puts his focus on youth empowerment specifically on promoting local tourism where the young generation has a part to play. As a youth leader in his barangay, he promotes arts, crafts, and sports as an outlet of empowerment and leadership for the youth around him.
Gifted with brains and brawn, Comising and Kimayong carry the hopes of the Cordillerans as they vie for the crown of Mister Island Tourism in the coming weeks. – Bianca Grace Contreras