October 2, 2023

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Unregistered business owners in this capital town are being encouraged to register their business establishments to secure the business entity’s authenticity as a legal and tax-status activity.

This was one among the subjects discussed by the members of the Sangguniang Bayan and Bureau of Fire Protection personnel during a meeting.

To ensure a fire-free town, the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan convened for a conference with the BFP on fire safety precautions and inspections, including the registration of unregistered commercial premises in the capital town. 

SFO3 Jade Guinyawan, Deputy Municipal Fire Marshal, said that fire safety inspections are necessary and fire safety assessments of all establishments are required. 

FO3 Melodave Claire Khayad, Chief Community Relations Unit, said the goal of fire safety inspection is to check their compliance with fire safety procedures to avoid additional fire occurrences.

This involves an examination of the building’s wiring, fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers, and fire escapes.

The municipal council and the BFP agreed to undertake the fire safety inspection for both registered and unregistered businesses. 

Councilor Benedict Odsey is encouraging business and boarding house owners to register their business establishments. – Flora Mae Apos