May 23, 2024

Hay apo! The recent Tim Yap escapade has made social distancing in the Summer Capital absurd as the rule seems to be a class legislation applied only to Baguio people and not to VIP visitors.
Fifteen or so vendors caught by the “gestapo” for not wearing face shields, while party goers enjoy booze and food sans face masks. Some of those arrested raised their face shields to drink, so what difference was it from those removing the mask for picture taking? Nada!
What could possibly be so big a reason for one to set aside rules on the pandemic that has altered the very fabric of our existence? Being starstruck? Wa ha ha.
Kaya pala ‘di sumipot sa kape-kape namin na sinasabi tuwing magkita, kasi ‘di ako artista.
Suppose to be physical distancing beats our very basic notion of human interaction? How could his honor do a great disservice to our people, when we are all frightened by the Covid-19 scare, UK variant or GCQ or ESQ, este, no, that is Tanduay Rhum pala.
The situation has turned into a frivolous and inessential comedy. People are ranting in social media, which as it may seem, is the only available free coping mechanism distracting us from the horrors of the crisis while allowing us to get our best and worst thoughts out of our heads and off of our chests.
So, comedian attempt tayo. May I ask why didn’t The Manor chef find coronavirus jokes funny? Because they’re in bad taste!
What should you do if you don’t understand this coronavirus joke? Be patient. Why do they call it the novel coronavirus? It’s a long story.
The Rules of Court, Revised Penal Code, and all the Bayanihan laws have just been amended to include as a defense “Sapagkat ako ay tao lamang.”
I respectfully nominate him as chief justice. So, all the vendors, market stall owners and other hampas-lupang (HL) citizens of Baguio now facing closure or fines for violation of the not wearing of face mask/shield, can raise the phrase “tao lamang po,” as quoted, as a valid legal defense and raise the roof as well.
In my more than three decades as a trial lawyer though, I have always known that courts adhere to the doctrine that justice be served, not only for those in power, who are starstruck with movie stars, or rub elbows with the rich, privileged, and famous; but more for those with less in life. Para sa aming mga HL, nasaan ang hustisya?
“Tao lamang po” is an excuse for the weak who cannot come up with a plausible excuse for his misdeeds. Sabi nga ni the late President Ramon Magsaysay, “Those who have less in life, should have more in law.”
O ha! Tao rin naman kami a.