February 25, 2024

A new flood control structure aimed to protect residents and local weavers from the overflowing of Abra River during the rainy season has been completed in La Paz, Abra.
A 398-meter revetment wall made of steel sheet piles was built along the riverbank.
The project has a total cost of P47 million funded under the 2019 General Appropriations Act.
Department of Public Works Sec. Mark Villar commended the Abra District Engineering Office for the early completion of the project, which took four months to construct from August 2019 to January.
“The newly completed river dike is one of the infrastructure projects in La Paz aimed to open opportunities for economic development for the traditional loom weaving industry,” said Villar.
La Paz, particularly in Barangay Bulbulala, is known for producing traditional woven fabrics known as abel, which are hand-made by local weavers. – Press release