June 14, 2024

Renewed hope for progress is ready to benefit farmers in the farthest barangays in Banaue, Ifugao, as a newly opened farm-to-market road is now 100 percent complete.

Implemented under the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP), together with the Banaue municipal government, the completed Anaba-Ducligan-Banao FMR, which spans eight kilometers with a 20-meter bridge, was proposed with the primary aim of improving the living conditions of the populace of barangays Anaba, Ducligan, and Banao.

For many years, residents of these barangays have been trekking to and from their farms and houses, as there was no road access connecting the barangays, especially Barangay Banao.

Nelson Dogwe, a farmer from Barangay Ducligan, is tilling a land near the FMR subproject and according to him, the opening of the road has brought a lot of benefits to Ducligan residents who own agricultural lands along the area.

Muddy trails and rice field dikes served as pathways for farmers and residents to reach the nearest access road, the Banaue-Mayoyao-Aguinaldo National Road, and because of the road construction, they can now travel to and from their houses or farms safely and in a shorter period of time.

Elizabeth Dulnuan, another farmer beneficiary from Barangay Anaba, said the road construction made them closer to the market area in Banaue, which is a safer and faster route, as compared to the muddy trails and dikes that they used to trek.

“We were motivated to cultivate our lands when the road construction started and especially now that the road is completed where we can reach the center market area in less than 30 minutes,” added Dulnuan.

Formally completed on April 25, the P245.64-million FMR subproject is now benefiting more than 275 households within its influence area.

A final inspection was conducted on May 11 by a team composed of representatives from the national, north Luzon cluster, and regional levels of the DA-PRDP, together with representatives from the Alfalfa Construction and from the Municipal Project Management and Implementing Unit of Banaue.

Though the subproject was declared as 100 percent physically completed, the contractor still needs to rectify the defects that were identified during the final inspection prior to turnover.

Banaue Municipal Engineer Antonio Gayumma said a turnover ceremony is set to be conducted on June 15.

Meanwhile, the construction of more slope protection structures and guard rails, including the establishment of additional warning signs among other side structures/ maintenance initiatives, will be included in the LGU’s Operations and Maintenance Plan for the FMR. – Elvy T. Estacio