December 1, 2023

The Kalinga Provincial Task Force of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict’s resolve to end armed conflict in the province through several initiatives got support from a ranking NTF-Elcac official.

NTF-Elcac Secretariat Executive Director, Usec. Ernesto Torres Jr., said he recognizes the significance of the recent reports regarding the Kalinga Provincial Task Force’s resolution, which requires non-governmental organizations operating within the province to secure permission from local government units for their activities. 

Torres has highlighted the importance of the resolution and underscored the relentless efforts of the task force that serve as a critical step towards promoting transparency, facilitating efficient coordination, and prioritizing the well-being of residents and communities in the province.

He said he is aware of the intricate challenges faced by the members of the  task force in their pursuit of inclusive and sustainable peace. 

The resolution exemplified the task force’s unwavering commitment to comprehensive development, addressing the underlying causes of armed conflict, and fostering sustainable growth. 

By mandating NGO registration with the PTF-Elcac, the task force aims to forge stronger partnership among stakeholders, promoting a unified approach to development, and implementing community-centered programs aligned with the government’s overarching peace-building initiatives.

Torres also underscored the numerous benefits arising from the resolution. 

He said registration enhances oversight and monitoring of NGO activities, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient resource allocation. 

The move also enables closer collaboration between NGOs and local authorities, empowering both entities to work in synergy and contribute effectively to the lowering of violence in the region.

The resolution not only encouraged NGOs to actively participate in fostering peace but also exemplifies the task forces commitment to establish an inclusive environment by allowing NGOs to contribute their expertise and resources towards achieving common goals.

Torres also emphasized the importance of accurate reporting and constructive dialogue. 

While the resolution may have sparked discussions and raised concerns, Torres has encouraged stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations and collaborate towards refining implementation guidelines. 

The task force seeks to address concerns, listen to stakeholders, and further enhance their strategies to ensure the resolution’s effectiveness. – Press release