December 5, 2022

2020 was the year that turned out with the most dreadful start. It shocked the world with disturbing news and events due to the horrible pandemic that crippled many lives. As we end 2021 with uncertainty and fear and celebrate Christmas and New Year with hope and healing, we will also welcome 2022 stronger than the past year’s.
The outbreak of the Covid-19 made such drastic changes and unforgettable memories in many people’s lives.
The pandemic had stirred the course of the universe into different directions that has significant impacts on so many levels for humanity – the undeniable setbacks in the economy, finances, and to an individual’s well-being. As the world grapples with its worst health crisis, the bewildering array of uncertainties triggered a myriad responses not only from every individual but also to the nation as a whole.
The pandemic imposed the worst public health emergency in a century. It has ridiculously sparked economic and financial crisis. More so, thousands have been infected and died due to the virus. When the world declared a lockdown, it radically changed the routine of the entire population. The onset of the lockdown was very alarming that it significantly raised psychological and psychosocial concerns. It was a very difficult situation to be facing uncertainty for the future – many businesses were shut down, unemployment increased, borders and schools were closed, concerts, tours, festivals or any entertainment events, weddings and other family gatherings were cancelled, churches and other public places were mandated to close, there was panic buying, and physical distancing was imposed. These were among the many unforeseen changes worldwide. Like a thief in the night, no one was ever prepared for this to happen and the outbreak has shaken the world to its core.
Two years of battling this pandemic, massive measures has been taken around the globe to protect lives and livelihood. In the face of the challenge and uncertainty, the immediate response to the pandemic has been large scale and many countries have adopted major steps to deal with the crisis. The pandemic also called for a silent war taking its toll on the health primarily.
Yet, amidst the fear, uncertainties, lockdowns, deaths, infections, mutations, and all the negative impacts of the pandemic, it has taught humanity the most valuable lessons of all time.
The pandemic may have disrupted our “normal” life but undeniably, but it also brought positive changes in our lives and even to the environment.
No matter how gigantic the challenge we faced because of Covid-19, it has paved ways for innovation and unity for every community.
The endless possibilities of overcoming this battle poured out from every corner of the world bringing light and hope. It also strengthened the faith of many people – faith in God and in the goodness of humanity. The destructive effect of the worst health problem unraveled positive response from humanity – it restored our sense of responsibility and strengthened our faith and resilience.
The health crisis have halted our way of life but it has also become the bridge to rebuild a better, more robust and inclusive humanity. (GERGENZON T. DELFIN)