February 22, 2024

The Camp John Hay Development Corporation said the number of trees inside the Camp John Hay reservation has more than doubled since 1997, the year the company took over the lease of the 247-hectare facility.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong lauded the company for a successful regreening program, which he described as a “huge accomplishment that needs to be highlighted.”
In a message to the mayor, CJHDevCo Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Sean Bedi said the number of trees had increased from 250,000 fully grown pine trees in 1997 to 602,350 in 2019 based on the report of the CJHDevCo Environment Team, which conducted the inventory.
Bedi said the regreening program will continue and they have added a total of 352,350 seedlings and saplings to the lot. Of this number, 242,350 were pine seedlings and saplings, 60,000 are coffee, and 50,000 bamboo culls.
“We are sharing this information in support of our contribution to Baguio City regreening program,” Bedi said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo