July 19, 2024

Museums and Galleries Month is celebrated every October of each year since 1991 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation 798. The month focuses on the preservation of artistic heritage, the promotion of artistic expression, and the fostering of a deeper understanding of Philippine history and identity.
For this year the theme is “Embracing uncertainty: Showcasing solidarity, hope, and recovery.” It honors the resilience of the Filipino in overcoming the pandemic and embracing the new normal.
Last Oct. 7, 15 artists of distinction launched an exhibit of their special works to celebrate “Museums and Galleries Month” at the Baguio Museum entitled “ Of Hues and Strokes.”
The featured artists are Amadeo Cristobal, Ben Ebanio, Chino Chow, Francisco Segismundo, Heidi Rodriguez, Jonathan Benitez, Jonet Carpio, Loenardomanto III, Meyo de Jesus, Oca Villamiel, Ovidio Espiritu Jr. Ovidio Espiritu III, Sam Penaso, Wiljun Magsino, and Wilfredo Calderon
National Artist for Film, Kidlat Tahimik, graced the occasion coming from his recent exhibit opening in Brazil.
Exhibit coordinator Heidi Rodriguez said the 15 artists come from different regions. They came together for the Hues and Strokes exhibit.
“Their works are influenced by a variety of factors. Each artist was guided by his and her own feelings and emotions. Each work of art became a rich tapestry of stories that invigorated the era of its creation which transcended time and space for its exquisite beauty.”
“Their works are rooted in colors and encapsulates hues and strokes, as pervasive forces that give life to a timeless work of art,” Heidi said.
“It’s an ensemble of forms and figures created in a theatrical visual feast that exudes the aura of emotions. It takes us to a deeper understanding into the mind, psyche, emotion, and soul of an artist. It’s like undulating soft winds or a terpsichore. Strokes define the vital movement of an artist’s work and invoke a viewer’s sensory reaction. Hues and strokes create a menagerie of compositions, a delightful spectrum of colors, or a very powerful emotion that affects its viewers,”she added.
The exhibit will be until the end of the month, so come and join us in viewing this special exhibit at the Baguio Museum. Museum hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday.