June 22, 2024

By Tuesday, I would add a year to my rollercoaster life and reaching those numbers, I ask, what more do I want in this age and time?
Frankly, nothing more, though a few hundred millions would not be so bad, which of course remains a figment of my imagination.
I am happy where I am and no longer have a longing for ambition, power or glory.
Family is good, law career has never been better. Politics in the back burner after it left a bad, nay bitter taste in the mouth. The commitment to serve and help remains.
My life has gone full circle and I have seen the best and the worst people and events before my eyes. At the end of the day, I must have done some things which were good to my fellowmen and for which I have been richly rewarded with so many blessings, some small and insignificant, others big and grand. In deep spiritual moments, I pray and thank the Supreme Being for a life well lived and for each and every single blessing given, especially people who stood by me and never left the “scenery”, in good times and in bad.
You who read and listened without judging me. You who helped me without feeling of entitlement or expecting a reward. You who understood without pretensions stood by me through thick and thin and loved me without conditions.
I have shortcomings but I am sure I have no wrongdoings and I can see anyone in the eye and say nunca non culpa (I was never at fault). I entered public office materially comfortable because of an established practice and exited almost ending up poor as a church rat because of the nuances and culture of our politics that one must give.
Born and raised in Baguio, I was a three-legged horse hence never knew what normal was. Little boys dream and while my playmates dreamt of being rich and famous, all I wanted was to live a simple life the way my father was.
The struggles were aplenty. I worked myself through Law school, went on with major careers and now at the apex of my life, contentment. I have had my share of ups and downs, glorious moments, fleeting pats on the back for a job well done.
Similarly, I was unfairly judged then bashed, ranted on, ridiculed but no matter what they say or do to me, they cannot touch my soul and my deep desire to do what I deem is right.
Lincoln’s mantra remains “I do the very best I know how. If the end brings me out right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, 10 angels swearing ‘I told you so, would not make a difference.”
So, what does the future have in store? Na da! My only desire is to live my life on the sunny side of the street, which is actually a 1930s song and one of my late father’s playlists played day in and out at our Trancoville home.
With the lifestyle, stress and illness, I went through, it’s time to slow down. Otherwise I will prematurely go to the happy hunting grounds although I have a suspicion that I would go down Lucifer’s haven where I will have a grand bonfire and reunion with most of my colleagues in law, politics, and media.
Thank you for the years, “Life is not what all you want but it is all you have, so put a flower in your hat and be happy.”