April 15, 2024

The Supreme Court announced the schedule for this year’s Bar examinations, which will be held in a digitalized form instead of the usual pen and paper examination.

In Bar Bulletin 6, the high court said the examinations will proceed on Nov. 9 (Wednesday), 13 (Sunday), 16 (Wednesday), and 20 (Sunday), but added rescheduling will be done possible if unforeseen events occur.

“The Supreme Court will continue to use Examplify, a secure examination delivery program, for the 2022 Bar examinations, during which the examinees will use their own devices in their preferred venue,” the court said.

The tribunal said the exams will be monitored by in-person proctors and closed-circuit television cameras in the exam rooms, just like what was done in last year’s exams.

The court has yet to release an announcement on multiple exam venue options, which is similar to last year which was a departure from the usual single-site exam.

The testing software will be made available to bar examinations applicants who apply and are approved to take the exams.

The digital Bar exams were among the innovations adopted by the court amid the Covid-19 pandemic. – PNA