February 22, 2024

Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda, in a resolution, approved by the city council Feb. 21, called for the opening of the children’s playground.
Should the request be approved, it should be subject to the guidelines to be imposed by the City Environment and Parks management Office in accordance with the executive order issued by Mayor Benjamin Magalong and the resolution issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). 
According to the IATF guidelines for places on Alert Level 2 status, visit or tourist attractions such as libraries, archives, museums, galleries, exhibits, parks, plazas, public gardens, scenic viewpoints or overlooks, and the like shall be allowed to operate at a maximum of 50 percent indoor venue capacity for fully vaccinated individuals and those below 18 years old even if unvaccinated, and 70 percent outdoor venue capacity, provided all workers/employees of these establishments are fully vaccinated and there is no objection from the concerned local government unit.
EO 22, s. 2022 issued by Mayor Benjamin Magalong likewise states museums and cultural centers, libraries and archives, and other tourist attractions may operate at a maximum of 50 percent indoor accommodation capacity for fully vaxxed and 70 percent capacity in outdoor areas.
The children’s playground is located at Burnham Park. It has been closed since the start of the pandemic in 2020. 
According to Tabanda, it is a place for people, young and old alike, to relax and enjoy nature, and engage in physical and social activities. It is also where children in the city express themselves in an environment that freely allows physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. 
The councilor said all these experiences were denied to children when the children’s playground closed. 
She claimed the present state of the city where infections are low and where the target population respond favorably to the city government’s Covid-19 vaccination program warrants the opening of the children’s playground so that children will again experience the joys of childhood.
The resolution has been transmitted to the City Mayor’s Office for approval. – Jordan G. Habbiling