June 21, 2024

The city council is planning on amending some provisions of a 2017 ordinance that penalizes individuals impersonating persons with disabilities and senior citizens.
Ordinance 23, s. 2017, penalizes any person impersonating or falsely representing oneself by using or facilitating the use of reserved spaces intended for PWDs and senior citizens in public and private establishments in the city.
The proposed amendment provides that only vehicles bearing a PWD sticker and a senior citizen sticker may park in the reserved parking spaces intended for the sector.
Only stickers issued by the Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) and the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) shall be attached to the vehicles.
The PDAO and OSCA will coordinate with the City Treasury Office and the General Services Office for the reproduction of PWD and senior citizens stickers where the design, measurement, and color of the same will be determined by the said offices and should contain the logo of the city government, control number, the vehicle license plate number, and the signature of the mayor.
For easy identification by parking attendants, the stickers shall be attached on the windshield of the vehicle nearest the curb for easy visual verification.
Parking attendants can validate the identity of the owner, driver, or passenger of the vehicle by requiring them to present a valid and duly issued PWD or a senior citizens identification card.
The proposed ordinance provides that P50,000 from unappropriated surplus of the 2021 general fund will be used for the printing of PWD and senior citizens stickers.
Violators will be penalized with a fine of P2,000 on first offense; P3,000 on second offense; and P5,000 for the third offense.
The proposed ordinance tasked the Public Order and Safety Division to establish a hotline where complaints or reports of violation may be lodged.
The POSD, PDAO, and OSCA as well as other concerned offices shall promulgate the necessary implementing rules and regulations for the proper implementation of the ordinance.
The Research Division of the city council conducted a legislative monitoring and evaluation of Ordinance 23, s. 2017 and concerned offices recommended for the amendment of the same to strengthen its implementation to uplift the rights of PWDs and senior citizens who are deprived of parking spaces. – PIO release