March 1, 2024

Barangays in Baguio will soon be mandated to create their respective agriculture and fisheries councils.
The city council is pushing for the creation of barangay agriculture and fisheries councils to help advance the interests and welfare of people engaged in the sector.
Under the proposed ordinance approved on first reading, city barangays where agriculture is practiced will be mandated to coordinate with the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office, the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Department of Agriculture in formulating policies, recommendations, and programs for sustained development of the city’s agriculture and fisheries sector.
City Veterinarian Brigit Piok, in a letter to Vice Mayor Faustino A. Olowan dated Dec. 9, 2019, suggested the creation of agriculture and fisheries councils in barangays where it is applicable.
The councils will be the monitoring arm of the DA and will act as a special advisory body for the development of the agriculture and fisheries sector.
Due to the increasing demand for the provision of agriculture-related programs and services as a result of the information and education campaign conducted in the different barangays, the recommendation to institutionalize the agriculture and fisheries sector is necessary to augment the personnel of the Agricultural Services Division of the City Veterinary Office. – PIO release