June 24, 2024

YEARS BACK, IN my Undergrad, I recall: my Philosophy teacher somewhere in time saying – and quite emphasizing: “according to great thinkers of the Past, there is a part of a person which is good.. [PAUSING, and sweeping his glance at all of us in the class, he ended with:]: Yes, even in those already identified as bad! Okay class, that will be all for today – You heard the bell.” [A little more background:
[WHEN I WAS taking my M.A. and later my PhD., he was my teacher or professor again in some subjects – and you guessed right: in the higher Philosophies e.g. Philosophy of Man, Existentialism, History of Philosophy, etc., – reasons enough why we referred to him as our ‘idol’. On my particular side, I acknowledge him as my Philosophy learning guide and ‘mentor’. Salutate, magister mei! So many things learned, stored, and applied – unquantifiable; but let me dwell yet today on that first-impression quote of his: “there is something good in every person”]:
TO BEGIN WITH clarity, this applies not in general but to all of us: you and me, and all others.
‘YOU MEAN, EVEN the hardened criminals, sinners exceptional, the oppressors, and the like?’ You might be raring to ask. And our answer is:
YES! EVEN THEM. As to how much part of them, that is indeterminate. Perhaps only they themselves can pinpoint that, but whether a ‘big, big’ part – or just ‘teeny-weeny’, does not change the qualification [that]: there is – per se and ab ovo, something ‘good’, in each one of us. [I must not say ‘Period’; I should only say ‘Pause’ – should there be any further question(s) – or discussion(s) on the issue].
NOW, WHY ARE we establishing this Point of Focus – the presence of ‘something good’ in us? The answer is just there waiting, and we say:
IT IS ABREAST during these very times – crises, Pandemic, force majeures, and all that.. even wars; note: in Afghanistan and somewhere elses, they and we, need that ‘something’ good to manifest itself – come out little by little; or by-volumes, koma! Oh, how we wish.. are you not wishing the same, dear reader?
THAT GOODNESS – OR something(s) good in each one of us is our basic hope for survival and eventual delivery from these Crises, sufferings – our fears and apprehensions. Could you imagine if most, if not all, of us share or at least ‘bring out’ those ‘things good’ in us? Aid and support – material or otherwise, shall abound, be available in those urgent cases. And when these flourish, maybe we can sit back, pull our shoes, and have some breathers?
BUT DESPITE THESE ‘developments’ still in the ‘yet-to-fructify’ Stage – and while we hope dearly and fervently for their coming, let us be content with what we presently are benefitting from:
THE FACTUAL PRESENCE of ‘some thing(s)’ good among us – even against overwhelming odds. I’m referring to the demonstrative sacrifices and heroisms of our frontliners, volunteers, medical people, and other unnamed ones – they’re there! Yes, ne desperemos; let us not despair! Ayuhh!