June 14, 2024

More than 3,000 dogs and cats were vaccinated by the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office during the observance of the Rabies Awareness Month in March. 

Asst. City Veterinarian Dr. Gladys Bantog said the CVAO is grateful for the cooperation of pet owners and the community in the campaign against rabies and for responsible pet ownership. 

Bantog said the animal vaccination program is a year-round regular activity of the CVAO. 

Every six months, the CVAO conducts a barangay visit for free vaccination of household cats and dogs. The rabies vaccination efficiency lasts one year and dogs and cats can get another vaccination after a year. 

After this round, the next vaccination schedule after six months will be posted on their official Facebook page and will be announced in every barangay to ensure the immunization of unvaccinated cats and dogs. 

Bantog said anti-rabies vaccination is a critical responsibility of every dog owner aligned to the Responsible Dog Ownership Act or Ordinance 19 s. 2021. 

She said rabies is 100 percent preventable with early medical care or a series of immunizations. Pet vaccination and stray animal management are critical techniques for preventing rabies from spreading to people. 

If not treated, the rabies virus targets the brain and spinal cord, causing fever, headache, agitation, disorientation, hallucinations, paralysis, and, eventually, death. 

She added the best way to prevent rabies from household pets is by vaccinating pets as early as three months and getting an annual vaccination. 

Mandatory registration of dogs is also required, and owners are to pay P50 as a lifetime registration aligned to the Responsible Dog Ownership Act. – Iris Shantel Gutierrez and Aileen Refuerzo