April 15, 2024

After contending with the coronavirus for more than a year, coupled with the invention of a vaccine to counteract the disease, the number of infected cases ought to be lower by now.
But the opposite is happening. The number of affected patients is multiplying by the thousands that our hospitals are starting to be overwhelmed.
The Philippines, despite all the cautionary measures in place, may breach the million mark by end of April. Why is this so?
Several hypotheses have been advanced by experts. The most obvious is the contention that the people have become fatigued and are tired of complying with the basic protocols. With the first tranches of vaccines having been administered to health care workers and senior citizens, there is a false sense of security that the transference of the virus will be eliminated. In effect, people are going about their daily activities as if the pandemic does not exist. This is what we chose to believe.
Can’t blame us. It is wearisome to wear a face mask and shield everyday with no definite time frame as to when it will end. It is boring to be confined inside our homes for days with only Netflix to entertain us.
It is insulting to be dictated when and when not or where or where not to travel. It is worrisome that the economy is in such turmoil. Many of us do not know whether there will still be a job waiting for us tomorrow. We try to live normally as possible to drown our fears and to soothe our boredom. We rebel and become defiant.
In defying the basic protocols instituted for our protection, we are simply fighting back the pent-up frustrations that have built inside us during the pandemic. But, in doing so, we are losing the war. The virus is getting the better of us because we have become over-confident that we can overcome this crisis with sheer courage and determination. This is wrong.
We are better than that. Our capacity to do the unthinkable and accomplish the impossible is more than a myth. It is for real. And, if we want to be real, we must contend with this pandemic in the most rational and logical way. We must trust our government.
Likewise, we must be mentally tough to overcome our frustrations and boredom. We must realize that it is only in strictly abiding with the protocols like wearing a face mask and a face shield, washing our hands on a consistent basis, and distancing ourselves from each other that we will heal as a nation.
It is only then that we can reduce the number of our afflicted brethren and ease the burden that our doctors, nurses and other frontline workers are experiencing.
It starts with us. We must rely on our discretion and common sense rather than be overly anxious with the vaccine. We all we know, the vaccine is merely a placebo.
Be cautious and be patient. Rather than expecting for your turn to be inoculated, which may take longer than you expect, owing to the limited number of jabs being imported, stay safe. Remember, your safety is as much the safety of your neighbors, your friends, and your loved ones.
Saving yourself might mean saving them as well. It is the only way. Then, this crisis will finally come to an end.