April 17, 2024

Some P5.3 billion worth of programs, projects and activities have been approved for implementation under the Annual Investment Plan of the city for 2020.

The AIP which lists the city’s development projects integrated in the annual budget along with their expenditure requirements was approved last Oct. 8 by the City Development Council chaired by Mayor Benjamin Magalong and composed of the heads of the 128 barangays and the various civil society organizations. 

The mayor signed the plan last Oct. 10 and this will be submitted to the city council for deliberation and approval along with the proposed 2020 executive budget.

Based on the plan put together by the City Planning and Development Office under Engr. Evelyn Cayat, the fund sources for the said projects are the development fund which is not less than 20 percent of the Internal Revenue Allotment as mandated under Section 287 of the Local Government Code; the general fund to be sourced from the approved budget; the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (LDRRMF) which is not less than five percent of the city’s available resources; the supplemental fund to be sourced from a budget enacted on top of the annual budget; and the external fund to come from various funding agencies through grants and donations including the flagship projects of the city mayor.  

Of the total fund requirement of P5,319,058,540, P300 million will come from the development fund consisting of P188,387,413 from the 20 percent of the IRA and P111,612,587 from regular funds.

The major projects to be funded under this category include the rehabilitation of main sewerlines amounting to P35M, parks development (P30M), sidewalk repair (P20M) and upgrading of slaughterhouse corral (P16M) while majority are barangay development projects.

A total of P210,004,360 will come from the general fund to include the traffic light repair at P30M, computerization program or the Enterprise Resource Plan (P20M), construction of goat and cattle corral (P16M), LED streetlights (P15M), and halfway house for rebel returnees (P10M).

The LDRRMF amounts to P101,500,000, the bulk of which will go to the procurement of emergency medical and rescue equipment at P33,846,950 and the Quick Response Fund during declarations of state of calamity,P30,450,000.

The supplemental fund lists P3,150,000,000, P3 billion of which is for the city market modernization and the construction of the youth convergence center, P150M. 

The external fund totals P1,557,554,180 consisting of the sewerage system projects amounting to P850M; road widening projects P200M; repair, recovery and improvement of sidewalks, P124M; rainwater harvesting facilities, P100M; construction of drug rehabilitation center, P5M; construction of command center, P200M; hog-raising livelihood, P10M; and livelihood projects, P10M; and the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, P58,554,180.

The AIP notes that “the 15-point strategic goals of the current administration are aligned to the national as well as regional priorities as embodied in the Philippine/Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 and to the Ambisyon 2040 and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The budgetary requirements per goal were as follows: Speeding up government action – P26,505,000 or 0.5 percent; Revitalizing the environment – P1,495,600,650 or 28.12 percent; Innovating peace and order – P31,974,000 or 0.6 percent; Aggressive traffic management – P31,200,000 or 0.59 percent; Responsive education program – P6,197,000 or 0.12 percent; Empowering the youth – P195,056,450 or 3.67 percent; Expanding health and social services – P75,944,660 or 1.43 percent; Responsible tourism –P250,000 or 0.005 percent; Enlivened culture, arts, crafts and heritage – P5,246,000 or 0.10 percent; Market modernization – P3,005,000,000 or 56.49 percent; Efficient disaster management – P305,920,000 or 5.75 percent; Empowered and accountable barangay governance – P5,651,000 or 0.11 percent; Strengthened livelihood and entrepreneurial services – P70,600,000 or 1.33 percent; Poverty reduction – P63,554,180 or 1.19 percent; and resolution of IP land and other land issues – P359,600 or 0.01 percent. – Aileen P. Refuerzo