May 29, 2024

It has been almost six months since Team Lakay’s Jeremy Pacatiw last set foot in the Brave Combat Federation stage, but he never lost sight of his long-term goals in the sport.
With six wins under his belt since joining the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts organization, Pacatiw is poised to make a big splash this year, especially after ending 2019 with an explosive knockout win over Felipe Efrain of Brazil at Brave CF 33 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last December. 
But as much as Pacatiw wants to return to action sooner, the Covid-19 pandemic is delaying his much-awaited return to action. 
Nonetheless, his eyes remain on the prize. 
“What’s happening today is sad, not only in this country but in the whole world as well, because of the coronavirus. But I believe this is just one test that we have to hurdle, a test which would only make us stronger and united,” Pacatiw said. 
“Now there’s a MGCQ but training still continues in the gym if there is a chance. For me, it’s the perfect opportunity to hone my skills and be ready when another opportunity comes knocking in.”
Training and keeping himself updated with the news and development of the virus situation daily, all Pacatiw can do now is do his part – train non-stop with whatever resources and opportunities he got. 
“If there’s a will there will always be a way. It may still take time for us to go back to our regular training program with coach Mark Sangiao, but as long you’re motivated to improve, I can always find a way to train regardless of the location,” Pacatiw said
Though situated in a tough position, Pacatiw remains fairly positive as he does what he can to avoid the virus, while also completing his daily goals. 
“As a citizen, it’s my responsibility to follow the government and avoid being part of the problem,” Pacatiw said. – Robert Belen