January 29, 2023

ARE TWO EXPRESSIONS/EXPRs – or sayings, or Guiding Principles used or applied by Southern Cordis and related ‘tribes’ after (mostly) making their final decisions over serious or ‘difficult’ issues they’re in – including or especially, dilemmas.

FROM THE FIRST view of these two EXPRs – or ‘Principles’ by an English speaker -‘native’- or non-, we may come up as translation for ‘both’: “Come what may (come)!” But
PEERING ‘DEEPER’ ON the said two (EXPRs), we may see Palashan! has an ‘ingredient’, adda ibagbagana, of stronger hope for the issue to ‘succeed’ – rather than ‘to fail’ – i.e. not to fructify. Users of both EXPRs could agree at least: saying Palashan! equips the listener to digest something like ‘there’s a 50-50 percent – or more!’ chance the thing wished for, expected, etc., shall come forth, shall happen. On the other hand,
WITH ULAY TO’D man!, the listener may interpret from this Usage by the speaker – ‘there is a chance – but it could not be told; or we can’t tell: if such ‘chance’ is great, or slim – or even ‘faint’. Time now to cite an illustrative sample-situation:

MASIG DEBB is being advised by his twin-brother, Malib Debb, to discontinue his ‘serious’ intentions to win the heart of Ma. Ella Gwiss; basically for the reason that: Ma. Ella or “Maila” has ’10 or more’ suitors to choose from – aside from Masig. To his brother, Malib counsels: “furthermore – and honestly, your rivals clearly compare stronger over you, in terms of: present financial status, family ‘name’, even frequency or regularity of visits with Maila.. [then pauses for breath, and finally].. but It’s equally true: you’re not I, nor vice-versa; so, I must not feel unheeded if you don’t take my advice – fratello or, my brother”

MASIG NODDDED AND looked faraway for a while. He has two answers to tell his brother – who is at present faking faraway thoughts too [but actually waiting for his brother’s word – or comment]. A few more minutes, then suddenly, Masig said:

“PALASHAN! I’LL CONTINUE my plans.. just the same. I have two aces too, fratello: I have the looks and I have the humility to accept defeat. We never really know what are Maila’s inside-cordon perimeters! Do we? [Malib’s head shook left and right]. And Masig continued:

“I KNOW MYSELF – I feel I can not exchange her for anything – or with anyone else. No matter how we – or others, see how ‘weak’ is my chance now, I’ll pursue, and
‘ULAY TOD MAN!’ That’s it brother and it’s final. You can understand now why I can’t do otherwise?” Malib smiled, nodded, and ended the conversation with:

“IT’S OBVIOUS: YOUR self-confidence is one great strength you possess, and also your hope for things seen, perceived as ‘unlikely’ – to fructify well in-the-end, stands co-pillar with such confidence. I salute you. fratello, and Goodluck!” Ayuhh kha!