February 29, 2024

It was a windy afternoon and I was walking in silence with my dogs. The cool afternoon breeze makes me relax and calm. Leaves from the trees and papers were scattered around. A piece of paper flew by, entrancing and burying my mind in thought. Bringing back my solitude by playing with my mind, I picked one and made a paper plane. I let it fly for a moment. Yet weariness held out its hand and its power made me stop. I am thinking back on the wonderful places I have visited. I miss the happy memories that I cherish. “What if you’re just a paper plane?” The wind rustled in my ear. How far would you go? How enduring will you be? If I am a paper plane, I will befriend the wind and fly to the farthest corner of the world. This time, I won’t let anything break my wings. Instead, I am going to travel far and fulfil my dreams to see the beauty the world has to offer until I find happiness. But paper planes always plummet to the ground. The wind moaned its protest. Then my fate could not be exempted from history. I will entrust my destiny and my future to my maker, and he will fulfil my happiness with his pleasures and blessings.
As I walked further, I came across an abstracted creek; a paper boat sailed me by to the past and the wind once again clung to me. “What if you are a paper boat”? “Where will you sail?” “How can you last?” Before weariness drew my strength, I replied that if I were but a paper boat, I would sail to the edge of the Earth, where the blue ocean gives me peace and a warm embrace. I sail to calm seas to avoid strong tides and intense winds that could endanger my life. The wind slowly calmed and there was silence. I am tired of sailing, but I will enjoy the serenity and beauty of the blue sky that reflects my inner peace and put smiles on my face. The rough and wavy waves remind me of the past two years’ experiences with the pandemic: Our difficulties in life, the fear, anxiety, uncertainty, trauma, and grief. This challenge in our life gives us the courage, strength, faith, and hope to face all these trials.
I crumpled the papers in my hands slowly. “Stop!” cried the wind, asking me one last time, “What if you’re a paper trash?” How would you feel? I just smiled and said, “If I am a piece of paper trash,” all of us have been through difficult and challenging times in our lives, but life must go on. Rippled and trashed papers have their purpose. “Paper has an important role in man’s life.” It may have limitations, but it gives unlimited results. Let us make time for the things we must do as well as the things we want to do. Create a balance in your life responsibilities and give importance to the things that bring you pleasure and personal fulfilment.
Now I ask you, What if you are a paper? What will you be? A paper plane… A paper boat… A paper trash… Whatever the paper turns out to be, it serves my purpose in life.
Paper games; you are such a mystery. Paper will always be paper. It differs in size, color, and shape. You will always be fragile.