February 24, 2024

An alliance between parents and Baguio City universities is taking shape to fight the prevalence of vape use or vapedemic in the city.

Parents of students organized themselves into a movement called Parents Against Vape (PAV) and are determined to end the scourge.

The University of Baguio and the University of the Cordilleras opened their doors to association and briefed the members via a transformative learning tour on policies and strategies in combating the vape menace.

The Smoke-Free Baguio Task Force led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong was elated at the support that the city’s smoke-free and vape-free campaign has been eliciting from the different sectors.

“It is exciting to see that PAV’s campaign strategy is brewing, fueled by passion on this first day of the parents’ convergence. Together, we can create a brighter, smoke-free and therefore healthier generation,” the task force said.

Just recently, UC and UB adopted policies prohibiting vape gadgets and cigarettes inside their premises and these items are immediately confiscated upon entry.

This is to curtail these harmful vices in support of the city government’s Smoke-Free Baguio campaign.

The schools, through their student affairs offices, conducted a ceremonial crushing of the seized items last Oct. 20 in coordination with the Smoke-Free Task Force. 

UC destroyed 246 confiscated vape units while UB crushed an almost identical number at 245. – JK Pagada and Aileen Refuerzo