July 22, 2024

The pharmaceutical consortium IP Biotech Group is looking forward to the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac for minors that would boost pediatric immunization in the country.
In a statement, IP Biotech said the Chinese vaccine has secured emergency use authorization (EUA) for children aged six years to 17 years in Brazil and Thailand, which could be the basis for the same EUA in the country.
It added Sinovac is also being used for pediatric vaccination in China, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries in the region.
“The medical communities and regulators in several countries have provided data that can assure parents on the safety and efficacy of vaccinating their children. The data will show that Sinovac is indeed a very safe choice for children and teenagers. This supports the notion on the safety and reliability of inactivated virus vaccines, much like the flu vaccine,” IP Biotech chair Enrique Gonzalez said.
Gonzalez cited the study in Chile, with data collected from 1.9 million children aged six years to 17 years showing Sinovac’s 74 percent efficacy.
An average of 90 percent of those who got the Sinovac jabs and contracted Covid-19 were not hospitalized and 100 percent avoided intensive care unit hospitalization and death.
“As the country is now focusing on vaccinated children and adolescents, it is important that we provide more choices and proper vaccine access to Filipino families,” Gonzalez said.
IP Biotech facilitated the initial arrival of Sinovac, procured by the private sector, in the country.
“The vaccine we are introducing has been approved in many other countries with stringent regulatory authorities. We are hoping for similar approval in the Philippines so we can ensure the safety of our youth,” Gonzalez said.
Earlier, Presidential Adviser for Covid-19 Response Vivencio Dizon said Sinovac has applied for EUA amendment for the Chinese jab to be given to minors. – PNA