July 18, 2024

LAGAWE, Ifugao – PhilHealth members in the province now have better access to essential medical care with the PhilHeath accreditation of the newly opened Ifugao Ge-neral Hospital (IGH).

PhilHealth Cordillera Vice President, Dr. Dominga Gadgad, said the accreditation of the IGH by the PhilHealth is a significant milestone and a testament of the hospital’s commitment to provide quality and affordable healthcare service to all PhilHealth members in the province.

As a PhilHealth-accredited facility, members regardless of their socio-economic status can avail of medical assistance and health benefits at the IGH, including the copayment policy and senior citizen discounts.

Copayment refers to a flat fee or predetermined rate paid at the point of service, as determined by the PhilHealth.  

Dapat damang-dama ng bawat taga-Ifugao ang benepisyo mula sa PhilHealth,” Gadgad said.

These policies are not only legal obligations but are also reflections of PhilHealth’s commitment to promote equity and inclusivity in healthcare delivery, she added.

To ensure continuous quality service for its members, PhilHealth has assigned a claim processor and PhilHealth Customer Assistance Relations and Empowerment Staff to IGH to assist patients in filing their claims for PhilHealth benefits.

Gadgad also encouraged the hospital to participate in the PhilHealth Konsulta program by becoming a Konsulta provider to expand access to primary healthcare services and preventive interventions beneficial for the people and the province.

“Let us remember that our ultimate goal is to serve with love, compassion, competence, and dedication.

Together, let us strive to make IGH not just a place of healing but also a symbol of hope, resilience, and solidarity for generations to come,” she said.

The new IGH was inaugurated in April, about 13 years since it started construction. – Florida B. Robles