May 24, 2024
PHIC KONSULTA PACKAGE — Residents of Luna, Apayao sought primary care services from their trusted konsulta providers at the regional launch of the PhilHealth konsulta package, as the province took the lead as the inaugural destination of the PhilHealth konsulta caravan, with Kalinga and other Cordillera provinces set to follow suit in their respective provincial roll-outs in the upcoming weeks. — PHIC photo

LUNA, Apayao – The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation-CAR introduced the PhilHealth Konsulta Package in a regional launch here Apayao aimed at providing comprehensive primary care services to all Filipinos.

The inauguration is one of the highlights in the celebration of the 36th founding anniversary of the Cordillera.

The konsulta package revolutionizes access to primary care as it grants all Filipinos opportunity to have regular consultations with an accredited konsulta provider of their choice.

Through the konsulta program, PhilHealth aims to enhance the health of its members by offering a package specifically designed for early disease detection and prevention through an accredited primary health care facility.

The comprehensive outpatient health services provided by the PhilHealth Konsulta Package include initial and follow-up primary care consultations, health screening and assessment, access to diagnostic services, and essential drugs medicines.

The medicines covered by the package include antimicrobial, fluid and electrolytes, anti-asthma, anti-dyslipidemia, anti-hypertensive, anti-thrombotics, and antihistamine medications. The package also offers a range of laboratory tests such as complete blood count with platelet count, urinalysis, fecalysis, sputum microscopy, fecal occult blood, pap smear, lipid profile, fasting blood sugar, oral glucose tolerance test, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, creatinine, and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test.

To date, there are already 81 accredited konsulta providers in CAR – seven in Apayao and 12 in Kalinga.

PhilHealth-CAR is dedicated to expanding this network by ensuring that more facilities can provide preventive healthcare to Cordillerans.

PhilHealth members are encouraged to enroll with their preferred accredited konsulta provider or they may visit any PhilHealth office for further information and guidance.

PhilHealth members can easily register with their preferred accredited konsulta facility to avail of the package.

Staff members at the PhilHealth Business Center Apayao will assist members in the process of enlisting themselves with their chosen konsulta provider. This streamlined process empowers individuals to take charge of their healthcare journey and make informed decisions regarding their primary care providers.

As part of the PhilHealth konsulta caravan, Apayao takes the lead as the first stop, with Kalinga scheduled to host the next Caravan on September 17, followed by other Cordillera provinces in the coming weeks. This strategic initiative ensures that the benefits of quality healthcare services reach Filipinos across the region. – Magnolia del Rosario