June 21, 2024

The Philippines and South Korea will begin collaboration on different research and development (R&D) projects this year, an official said.

Almost four years since the Department of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)-South Korea expressed interest to explore opportunities for collaboration in science and R&D, both parties discussed this year possible initiatives and ways forward.

“Korea and the Philippines share a fruitful partnership over the years. I am confident that both countries will intensify their partnerships through the common needs of each country,” DOST Asec. Leah Buendia said.

Officials of the DOST and MSIT met virtually last April 28 to discuss the collaboration. Buendia said both parties agreed to prioritize projects on smart vertical or indoor farming and the rapid intensification of cyclones.

The call for proposals covering these topics will begin in June and the approved projects are expected to commence in September.

Initially, the two parties are targeting at least one project per topic this year.

Both sides agreed to fund each project for $32,000 per year.

The R&D projects on indoor farming and rapid intensification of cyclones will be jointly implemented by Korean and Filipino researchers.

Both sides are coordinating for the scope of the research proposal, Buendia said.

“Through the rapid intensification of cyclones project, we will study the indicators to predict the intensification of cyclones and their maximum strength faster and earlier,” Buendia said.

“Intensification cannot be predicted right away as the process is really fast. At present, we could not immediately forecast the rapid intensification. This usually happens in the Philippines before a cyclone makes landfall, so this needs to be studied so that people could prepare.”

Buendia said relevant institutions shall continue to coordinate in exploring and realizing potential collaborations between the DOST and MSIT even with the new Philippine administration. – PNA