May 23, 2024

THIS IS NOT the first time you’ve come across the concept of this Expression (EXPR).. ‘Why?’
SINCE YOU’VE HEARD Engelbert Humperdink sing.. ‘Tell me cuando, cuando, cuando’.. (Transl: “Tell me when, when, when..”). Haven’t you?
THE NABALOI FOR “when?” is: Pigan? If you mean to ask specifically “when exactly (time, date, occasion, etc.)”, you use: Pigan da?
IF YOU’VE BEEN waiting for the thing, event, matter, etc. for some time.. or for (now) a long time, you say: Pigan to mala?
[IT IS SUPPOSED, programmed, scheduled, expected, etc., to happen.. but until now, it doesn’t. So, how do we express this in English? “When, I wonder? Maybe so, but for the Nabaloi Pigan to mala? When so said]
IT CANDIDLY CONVEYS the implication that the Speaker’s Patience is almost spent.. [because of] waiting. Ara! (their all-around Interjection) Pigan-to-mala? (two or three times of intervals). You’ll hear this from them in such extremes of Waiting, and: near-spent Patience. Let’s cite you some particular instances, when the EXPR Pigan to mala? registers unheraldly:
A ‘NOT-SO-SPOILED’ son [to his single, working mother abroad]: “Ma, I’m enrolling this month. Kindly prepare to send my usual needs?” [The ever-attentive mother immediately replies]:
‘YES, ANAK.. FOR the last two remaining subjects you told me last time? And then, you’ll be applying for Graduation, anak?
“YES, MA.. PLUS, three other subjects I need to take.. So, I’ll be in some five subjects this Sem.”
‘MY SON.. ANAK, tell me: are the three other subjects.. additional requirements of your curriculum?
“NO, MA. THEY’RE for another Course.. you see, I aim to finish ‘Double-majors’.. xxx”
[SHE ALMOST CHOKED.. but still managed an:] ‘Okey, I get it. Call you later, anak.
AT HOME – AS she blankly stared at her steaming cup of coffee, she recalled by herself:
‘THAT WILL BE my son’s 5th ‘Course’.. when.. I wonder.. will he finish school.. will he ever.. Ara, Ara.. Pigan to mango! (Transl: “EXPR, EXPR, when will his graduation.. come..? [her fading voice and softening tone indicating the unsaid words of]: oh, Patience: cast me not aside!’ Our next instance of Application.

MME. MINYA PAULIS has been happily married to a now retired – former government-company employee. Before they got married, she was managing a small ‘Sari-Sari’ Store.
THEIR ‘DECENT’ COMBINED income afforded them to successfully support their family of five – the two of them, plus three children: two girls and a boy.
SAID THREE CHILDREN went to school, and after some years, finished their courses respective: the eldest girl, Commerce; the other girl (youngest), Nursing, and the boy.. after years of ‘shifting’, finally finished a ‘five-year course [Now, I didn’t attempt to be privy to that, fellows].
AT PRESENT, ALL three of them are gainfully employed and have their own families ‘nuclear’. However.. [and]..
HOWEVER, UNLIKE WHAT Mme. Minya has always ‘dreamt’ and wished for – that she and her husband could now finally relax comfortably..
‘NO ES VERO! (Transl: “It’s not true!”). What could be truer, she further remarks, is: “not-so-seldom, aligwen san ipinsak, they seek our assistance.. Yes! They’ll refund or reimburse.. but, are you pleasant with telling (or reminding?) your offspring about these ‘cultural’ Unsaids?” Then, she ends her ingrediented account with:
Ara, Pigan to mala eh enamat ko so ni Anlene? (Transl: “EXPR, when will it be [implying the Conditional “if ever..”] that I may finally savour the taste of Anlene?”]. And our third or final instance of Application.
PIGAN TO MALA? is also used by the observing speaker when despair is ‘hanging over the balance’.. almost imminently evident to take shape.. but the anticipated something needs to happen.. to finally deliver the blow or lesson.. especially to those who ‘had it coming’.
OF PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, is the case of Hoskan Maingel – a close chap or Khait and a younger Abgott or Idole?
HE EARNED HIMSELF a high Education – he wanted to be a Priest.. but Love and Fate (perchance) stopped him at the Deacon level.. and he got married.
UNFAZED AND OUT of devotion to his roots, he plowed onto the elusive fields of (local) politics. He first ran for the position of barangay Captain, he lost. But this did not detain him.
HE NEXT RAN for Councilor, he won; and then, for Mayor and he won again. Many say he did his job there well.. he left not only ‘legacies’ and landmarks, but also historical memoirs now uncovered; e.g. he caused the addition of five hitherto unknown heads of the municipality – not originally listed or featured in the Hall, and so forth. But later..
SOMEWHERE THERE LURKED age-old Disfavour – awaiting him with a sinister intent. Was it his drives against Gambling, other vices, or what.. that lead to his ‘downfall’? He lost in the next (re-) election. He ran next, for a higher position, but also lost – devastatingly.
AFTER ALL THESE, some quarters and former ‘non-followers’ are saying he was an ardent, active, and effective local leader during his incumbencies. Will he please come back to the arena.. again?
INDICATIONS.. EVEN FEELERS themselves, seem to admit that rare-gem Hoskan has many ‘other plans’?
YES! WE MAY have upcoming, budding, and yet-growing Potentials on Sight.. but they’re there still in-school? Maybe, just maybe.. they’re forthcoming.. but when? [and] if ever.. Pigan to Mala?