June 21, 2024

The Department of Science and Technology led in the observance of the 2022 National Time Consciousness Week (NTCW) last Jan. 1 to 7 with the theme, “Bangon Pinas para sa bagong bukas: Sundin ang tamang oras” to synchronize all timepieces across the country.
The advocacy to promote the new Pilipino time is in accordance to Republic Act 10535 or The Philippine Standard Time (PST) Act of 2013.
This year’s theme aims to advocate the use of the PST or the now called Oras Pinas to help in nation-building and to support efforts to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth by valuing time.
The main campaign launched last year, “Oras Pinas” with the tagline “One nation, one time: Pilipinas on time” promotes the use of PST nationwide and syncing of timepieces with the PST.
The campaign also hopes to institutionalize the new Filipino culture of being always on time and having only one time as a nation.
The NTCW is observed every first week of January to instill the value of time and the need to respect the time of others, so that the people may realize the imperative of synchronizing the official time.
The Oras Pinas is set by the DOST’s Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration, the country’s official timekeeper since 1978 as mandated by Section 6 of Batas Pambansa Blg. 8.
Pagasa sets the timing system that consists of a rubidium atomic clock, a Global Positioning System receiver, a time interval counter, a distribution amplifier, and a computer.
To sync timepieces, visit the DOST-Pagasa website at http://bagong.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/ and get the official Oras Pinas. – Press release