May 24, 2024

It is true that almost every man yearns for change – within himself and in the society. Yet, one is hindered from taking the first step to change because of his environment.
This vast world is filled with diverse personalities. We bump into each other. Sometimes, we get mad, if not embarrassed by someone for their personality or actions.
One of the qualifications when one applies for a related job is pleasing personality. Why? Everyone has a pleasing personality, depending on the person who sees us. Others would claim someone has a pleasing personality by his standard of living, the fancy clothes he wears, or the attention he creates. Others would say a pleasing personality is shown by someone who has great things in his mind.
I believe pleasing personality has a more profound meaning. We can save or destroy many things with a simple gesture.
A pleasing personality, according to Napoleon Hill, an American author and advisor of then U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, is a personality that attracts. “Your personality is the sum total of your characteristics and appearance that distinguish you from all others. The clothes you wear, the lines in your face, the tone of your voice, the thoughts you think, the character you have developed by those thoughts – all constitute parts of your personality,” Hill said.
Indeed, a pleasing personality doesn’t only show on someone’s gorgeous outward appearance but more on the character he has developed by his thoughts. A character contributes to the totality of a pleasing personality. Our actions are the product of our thinking. However, the lack of flexibility in our mental attitude or our obsession with making rules about everything destroys it all.
I am reminded of the people governing an institution that can mold the holistic being of an individual. I thought of some staff members that obviously lack personality that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also radiating goodness. I wonder how they were hired. Surely, either they have earned the highest degree in education or they were just lucky enough to get the job.
I do not really want to intrude upon someone’s personality – if only it doesn’t have a negative impact on others. It is pathetic some people are embarrassed by the unpleasing personality of so-called professionals. At times, some have all the liberty to lambast innocent ones. William Blake once said words that are not transformed into actions breed pestilence. It really stirs my nerves that someone regards himself as mighty but in fact he isn’t because of the character that he builds and the personality he portrays.
There is one thing I’m sure of: there is ripple/domino effect in everything we do. Kindness begets kindness.
Still, there are lots of people with good personality around and they are the ones we need to make this dying world go around. If restoring the Earth is too difficult, perhaps we could just simply make it a little bit brighter by radiating a good personality.
To the people who understand their task and to the people who set a good example, may their example spread for the new generation and the generations to come. (GERGENZON T. DELFIN)