February 25, 2024

Months after his official appointment as chief of the Philippine National Police, Police Director General Archie Gamboa laid down some of his plans for the police organization.
His recent order for all chiefs of police, which he announced in a press conference in Baguio City on Saturday last week, is for them to stop all forms of illegal gambling in one week.
“To the concerned regional directors of the Philippine National Police, I have forwarded to you list of operators in your different regions. I’m giving you a week. If you will not stop, then I will relieve you.”
Gamboa said his office already furnished regional offices of the PNP the list of illegal gambling operators in their respective localities. He said chiefs of police who fail to stop illegal gambling will be relieved from their posts.
Gamboa said since he does not receive money from illegal gambling, so should his subordinates.
The PNP chief also reiterated the continuing implementation of internal cleansing policies within the ranks of the national police force. He said police involved in illegal drugs will not only be removed from their posts but will also be facing charges.
“We have to convince the people that the PNP is a dependable institution,” Gamboa said.
Also in the program of the PNP are plans of entering into a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine Statistics Authority to provide information of the civil status of PNP pensioners’ dependents. He said this is a strategy that will help reduce the number of dependents’ pensioners who continue to receive their pension despite violation of conditions to continue receiving pension.
Among these are non-reporting of the death of the member, remarrying of the surviving spouse, or living-in to avoid cutting-off of pension.
Gamboa appealed to the surviving spouses of retired PNP personnel to follow the conditions in the release of their pensions. – Rimaliza A. Opiña