June 14, 2024

Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge; Lt. Gen. Vicente Danao, Jr.; has assured the police force upholds accountability through quick response to reports of abuse of its personnel as the PNP leadership pursues reforms to make the police organization a more transparent, accountable, and credible organization.

Citing PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM) records, Danao said some 5,652 PNP personnel were dismissed from the service; 1,150 were demoted in rank; 10,650 were suspended; 853 were sanctioned with salary forfeiture; 2,491 were reprimanded; 222 were restricted to quarters; and 288 meted withheld privileges from July 2016 to May 4.

Of the 716 PNP personnel involved in illegal drug-related cases, some 504 personnel consisting of 10 police commissioned officers (PCOs), 479 police non-commissioned officers (PNCOs), and 15 non-uniformed personnel (NUP) were dismissed because they were found positive on the use of illegal drugs.

There were also some 183 policemen – 11 PCOs, 171 PNCOs, and one NUP – who were dismissed from service for their involvement in other drug-related cases, all covering the period from July 2016 to Nov. 12, 2021, while 23 PNCOs were dismissed because they were found positive on the use of illegal drugs, and six PNCOs were dismissed for their involvement in other drug-related cases from Nov. 13, 2021 to May 4.

Danao said the PNP does not condone any member of the police organization who violates the law and gets involved in illegal activities, but they were sanctioned accordingly following the time-honored principle of the constitutional right to due process.

“This proves that the PNP leadership is serious about correcting all wrongdoings and punish those who committed mistakes in our ranks because in the end, it is not only the PNP who will benefit from this but the Filipino people whom we serve and protect,” Danao said.

Danao also announced the release of P7,321,377,087 allocated for the mid-year bonus of some 222,787 PNP personnel.

“The dedicated funds are from the regular PNP appropriations itemized under the organization’s budget this year,” he said.

The mid-year bonus is given annually and is part of the PNP’s budget every year.

PNP Finance Service Director; Brig. Gen. Jose Melencio Nartatez, Jr.; said PNP personnel will receive their bonus on May 17 through their ATM payroll accounts enrolled with the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The amount to be given to each PNP personnel will be equivalent to a month’s base salary.

“This financial benefit is one of the many ways to recognize the dedication and hard work of our men and women at the PNP. While it is true that our service to the country is priceless, the government finds it fitting to provide its employees with incentives on top of their regular salaries,” said Danao.

However, he said personnel who were found guilty of administrative and/or criminal cases by final and executory judgment for fiscal year 2022 shall not be entitled to the mid-year bonus. PNA