June 24, 2024

Lt/Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, Philippine National Police officer-in-charge, said he is considering a reshuffle of police regional directors in the first month of 2020 if they fail to meet the criteria of evaluation.

 “In January 2020, I will evaluate the performance of the regional directors, the national support units, and even the directorial staff. If I have to reshuffle it again, so be it,” he said.

Gamboa had evaluated the performance of regional directors when he assumed post in October.

He said the basis for the evaluation was already disseminated to the regional directors. These include, among others, the unit performance evaluation rating, evaluation of the attitude of provincial directors, evaluation for directors of the support units, and evaluation of the compliance to the directives of the headquarters.

“In our latest evaluation, there are other units that are lagging behind, way beyond the standard that I have set,” Gamboa said, encouraging those which fall behind to catch up or face the consequences.

He said the evaluation of performances can also be replicated at the regional level. – PNA release