June 22, 2024

LAMUT, Ifugao –The Ifugao Police Provincial Office led the 2nd Provincial Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (AGPTD) summit towards a shared vision of a highly capable, effective, and credible police service working closely with the community to create a safer environment for living, working, and doing business.

Lt/Col. Samson Kimayong, chairperson of the technical working group, said the event was another step forward in the ongoing collaboration of internal and external stakeholders and strategy execution partners in implementing the Philippine National Police’s long-term transformation program, known as the PNP Patrol Plan 2030, aimed at enhancing peace and order, and upholding the rule of law.

With the theme, “Munbinaddang: Strengthening Police Advisory Groups through collaboration towards genuine and lasting Police Transformation and Good Governance for a Safer Ifugao Province,” the participants tackled  relevant issues and concerns affecting community peace, security, and safety. Among the concerns include rape, theft/robbery, illegal gambling, and physical injuries.

Retired M/Gen. Wilfredo Franco, Regional AGPTD vice-chairperson, who was  a resource speaker, shared his expertise in strategic planning to assist the participants in formulating a comprehensive plan to be included in the Patrol Plan 2030.

He also discussed the planning toolkit focusing on the planning aspects of program management.

The participants were engaged in workshops aimed at developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions, and an action plan for the prevalent concerns of the province.

“The PNP and the advisory groups, when working collaboratively, form a powerful force for positive change,” said Ifugao State University president Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon, who was the guest of honor and speaker.

Dugyon said the “PNP’s expertise in law enforcement, crime prevention, and community safety, along with the advisory groups’ deep understanding of local issues and concerns, serve as a bridge between the police and the community.”

“This synergy fosters trust, transparency, and accountability – elements crucial for genuine and lasting police transformation,” added Dugyon.

Ifugao Provincial Police Director Colonel Marvin Diplat thanked the participants from the 11 municipalities and the 1st and 2nd Ifugao Provincial Mobile Force companies for their support and cooperation, as he looks forward to the finalization of an action plan for a safer Ifugao. – Florida B. Robles